Thursday, February 10, 2011

the beginning..

Every story begins with one simple word. Sometimes it's a naustalgic phrase such as "Once upon a time" or "Long ago and far away".... it always symbolizes the beginning of a story.

The romantic alure of bound leather books and wet black ink adorning its pages is a thing of the past. This intimacy has been replaced with stark bright endless screens of white, colorful blogs and forums. It's a new way to do an old art, the art of story-telling...... 

This, my new blog, is just the beginning of my story. Over the next few days, weeks, months, years a story will unfold as I try new things, always hoping for the best outcomes while trying to convince myself that the worst thing to do is nothing at all.

Come with me as I do some much needed traveling, explore regions, sights, sounds, smells, cultures and people that lie farther than the boundary of the North American Continent. Stay close as I discover who I am and learn who I will become. 

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